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CBD is a non-psychoactive cannabis extract that directly interacts with pain receptors in the human body to augment and even eliminate the perception of physical pain and psychological distress. While everyone's experience with CBD is different and dosages will vary, it's most commonly used to alleviate the symptoms associated with chronic pain, nerve pain, epileptic seizures, autoimmune diseases, anxiety, and elevated blood pressure, and CBD can even be given to our pets for similar ailments.


Studies have suggested that CBD communicates with pain receptors in the body, and for some it may reduce inflammation and overall discomfort. It can also produce feelings of calmness and relaxation.


CBD can help pets suffering from old age, physical health issues, and behavioral abnormalities. Studies have shown CBD has positive, natural effects on stress and anxiety, and can potentially eliminate the need for prescribed medication in pets.


Natural compounds found in CBD have been shown to invigorate the body, promote fallings of fluidity, and act against inertia.
These three benefits are especially helpful for older adults.


Bioavailability is the determining factor of how effective any consumed product will be. Specifically, the bioavailability of a substance which enters the body will depend on its purity and proportion. When it comes to CBD, only a percentage of actual CBD will end up circulating throughout the body, and that percentage will directly correlate to the quality of the product as well as the method of ingestion. There are primarily five delivery methods to take CBD, and each offers varying degrees of bioavailability. These are sublingual drops, tinctures, vaping, edibles, and topicals.

Sublingual drops have a high bioavailability rate because liquid CBD absorbs quickly under the tongue through the oral capillaries where it travels directly into the bloodstream. Tinctures refer to CBD dissolved in alcohol, which has high bioavailability but may take awhile to feel the effects. Vaping has up to 85% bioavailability and the effects are felt immediately because of the inhalation delivery system, but as quickly as the effects come, they will go, dissipating fast from the bloodstream. Edibles, such as gummies and capsules, tend to have lower bioavailability because stomach acids destroy much of the potency. Finally, topicals that are applied to the skin will provide a localized effect rather than a system-wide one.


When it comes to experiencing the benefits of CBD, quality matters most

Look for lab tested, quality ingredients with clear labeling. Trusted CBD brands will mark their products with the quantity and ratio of CBD and THC per dose, the manufacturing date, and the batch number. If you encounter CBD products without this information, be wary. As of yet, the FDA does not regulate non-pharmaceutical, hemp-derived CBD, which places the onus of selecting quality CBD products on you..

CBD Source highly recommends that consumers seek out CBD products that are made from the unfertilized female flower tops of high-resin CBD-rich cannabis, as opposed to buying CBD products that are derived from low-resin fiber hemp or industrial hemp that is otherwise commonly used for seed oil and protein. High-resin CBD-rich cannabis offers high-quality oil when extracted, and will provide you with the purest, most potent CBD available.


At CBD Source, we believe the consumer should be informed and know what they're buying, which is why we sell only the best CBD products on the market. We compare lab results, prices, and quality reports of CBD products to help connect our customers with the right--and best--choices for them. We offer sublingual drops, tinctures, vape e-liquid, edibles, topicals, and so much more including CBD products for your pets!
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The highest quality, organic, non-GMO oils that are never processed with chemicals, solvents, or harsh extraction methods.


Grown, processed, tested, and bottled in the U.S.A., the topicals we offer are strictly from high quality CBD brands.


The sublingual brands we sell deliver premium, industry-leading CBD from the finest sources available.


Organically grown, non-GMO, sustainable high-grade hemp is where our trusted brands derive their edible CBD.


While CBD won't cure every health ailment and disease under the sun, this cannabinoid does have real, verifiable benefits. You may have noticed that some of the greatest advocates of CBD are athletes. There's a reason for this. CBD has been shown to reduce pain and inflammation, which makes it ideal for athletic recovery after an endurance race or big game. CBD is also currently being studied for its potential in reducing chronic anxiety due to its anxiolytic effects. And that's not all, CBD has also been established as an effective supplement to balance sleep disorders since our circadian rhythm is supported by the endocannabinoid system.

In order to properly experience the benefits of using CBD, your best chances are to go with high quality, organically grown, and reliably sourced CBD, whether the extract is full spectrum, broad spectrum, or isolate. To help you navigate the crowded CBD market, CBD Source is here. Visit us in store or online, and never settle for less!