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Finding Your Healthiest You with CBD

Finding Your Healthiest You with CBD

Finding Your Healthiest You with CBD

Here at Green Roads, we want to help each person become the healthiest version of themselves through the power of plants.

What does that mean, exactly?

It means we know everyone’s running their own race, and we respect that. We’re there for you if you’re training for your third triathlon or running after your grandkids in the park.


How Can CBD Support You Through So Many Challenges?

CBD works by interacting with a vast set of receptors in your body called the endocannabinoid system (ECS). Your ECS is involved in many important jobs, including regulating your anxiety levels, sleep schedule, pain perception, anti-inflammatory response, immune system, mood and

more. Basically, it helps keep your body in homeostasis, a balanced state needed for optimal well-being. Your ECS interacts with a special type of compound called a cannabinoid. Your body makes its own cannabinoids, but it can also get them from other sources like plants. Many

people choose to support all the crucial work their ECS does with the help of plant-derived cannabinoids like CBD.


The ‘Kitchen Table’ Spirit of Green Roads

When we say plants, obviously we mean hemp-derived CBD. Our co-founder, a licensed compound pharmacist, started creating CBD formulations to help her friends and family live better lives. It started with experiments and simple formulations made around the kitchen table.

The results were phenomenal. The project grew into an award - winning CBD company worth over $45 million. Through it all, that ‘kitchen table’ spirit of form ulating pure products for people we care about guided everything we do.


The Process that Helps Create The Healthiest Version of You

We get our CBD from hemp grown on American farms only and extract the ingredients using cutting - edge methods. We test the extracted materials to make sure we’re only using pure ingredients. We formulate our drops, gummies, topicals, and beverages using proprietary

blends created by our co-founder. We don’t put these on the shelf until they pass rigorous quality control tests conducted by a third - party laboratory. You can review the results of the test using a QR code on the packaging.


CBD Options Formulated to Fit Your Personal Lifestyle

Maybe the healthiest version of you adds CBD - infused topicals to your recuperation routine after a pickup game. If you’re a coffee aficionado, maybe the version of you with fewer jitters and more focus drinks CBD coffee. Maybe the healthiest version of you sleeps better after a

mug of CBD - infused herbal tea. If you’re always on the go, Green Roads’ Relax Bears give you a quick, convenient and oh-so-tasty way to get your daily amount of CBD no matter where you are.