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Cody Alt-Founder of PureKana & Kushly Takes the CBD Source Podcast all the Way Back to His High School Days

Cody Alt joins Col via Skype to talk about his life, his hustle, and many of the myriad entrepreneurial ventures that made him who he is today. He’s a thought leader, cannabis influencer, entrepreneur, and founder of Kushly and PureKana. If you know Cody’s life through social media, we are going deeper. We take it back to high school, all the way to today. Later we’ll be doing a CBD Source Unboxing, of some PureKana CBD and giving away 3 CBD Products to three lucky listeners! Cody reveals the most desperate Munchies Crave he’s ever had, as well as his Weed Man Van Story...the story of the first time he smoked Cannabis!

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Anthony “Sully” Sullivan & Dave Christian Speak about the Struggles of Owning a Hemp Farm on the CBD Source Podcast

On Monday, November 4th Col Cheney, the host of the CBD Source Podcast sat down with OxiClean Pitchman Anthony Sullivan and his business partner Dave Christian to talk about their first year as owners of an industrial hemp farm called MontKush in Vermont. • Anthony shares with podcast host Col Cheney the reason he started the hemp farm • Anthony and Dave talk about the early struggles of owning, and working a hemp farm • Anthony and Dave are optimistic as they talk about the future of MontKush

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