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Founded in 2017, CBD Source is the first all-inclusive CBD center to open in the tri-state area. As a passionate team of retailers operating in the state of New York and Pennsylvania, we understand that there is a grey area surrounding CBD and several questions about where and how to get it. We’re here to provide answers and relief without any intimidation. When you stop at a CBD Source, you know you’re getting quality and accuracy. Whether you’re an athlete, senior, parent, or proud pet owner, we have just the product for you! Visit us at one of our many locations for an extensive selection of everything CBD.

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Studies have suggested that CBD helps with pain receptors in the body. It may reduce inflammation and overall discomfort. It can also produce feelings of calmness and relaxation.


CBD can help pets suffering from old age, physical health issues, and behavioral concerns. CBD has been studied for its natural effects on stress and anxiety, potentially eliminating the need for prescribed medication.


CBD is a compound that invigorates the body, promotes a feeling of fluidity, and acts against inertia. CBD has been known to have soothing effects for seniors and ease day-to-day tasks.

Hey All!

As cbdMD presents National CBD Month, I figured I'd shoot over an awesome video we launched on our website. As always, this is a great way to advertise/market the product you carry, and company you've partnered with!

As the popularity of CBD continues to rise, millions of Americans are educating themselves on the prospective properties of CBD and how it can complement their everyday health and wellness routines. 

National CBD Month is the perfect time to try CBD, especially for those who haven't before. We believe in educating our consumers on not only what CBD is and how to introduce it into your daily lives, but also what to look for when researching trustworthy brands. We truly believe our product line at cbdMD is second to none, and we invite everyone to discover what truly superior CBD can do for them.